Hiring Process

Casa Systems, Inc.’s hiring process has several steps. Below are the typical steps that you can expect when you apply for a job at Casa Systems, Inc.


Casa Systems, Inc. posts its current job opportunities within the Employment Listings tab found at the top of this web page. There, you can search for jobs, read the profiles of the jobs that Casa Systems is seeking to fill and learn more about the company. You can also apply directly for a job by completing a profile and uploading a copy of your resume via our online Applicant Tracking System. Once you have applied, a message will be automatically generated and sent to the email address you have provided confirming receipt of your application by Casa Systems, Inc.


A member of our Human Resources team will initially review your information. This can happen up to two weeks after you apply. If your qualifications match the job requirements, we will contact you for a phone interview.


If applicable, a phone interview is conducted by a Casa Systems, Inc. Human Resources professional. It allows us to get more information from you to determine if an in-person interview is warranted. The phone interview can last up to one hour.


If you are a viable candidate for the position, we will schedule an in-person interview. Depending upon the position that you are interviewing with us for, you may be required to read and sign a Confidentiality/Non-disclosure Agreement. During your visit, you could meet with several members of Casa System’s team individually or as a group. The interview process may last for several hours.


If you are selected to continue on in the hiring process and you opt to do so, a member of our Human Resources department will request for you to supply a copy of your most current paystub (without confidential identifiers) and professional references for Casa Systems, Inc. to contact to verify your past employment, salary and work performance. It is preferable for Casa Systems, Inc. to receive references from your current or past managers and customers.

For certain positions, an in-depth background screening (post-offer) may be necessary and could extend the process an additional month.


A final decision will be made about your candidacy once references have been completed to the company’s satisfaction.

If you are not chosen for the position, you will be notified accordingly.

If you are chosen for the position, a member of the Human Resources department will provide you with a formal offer letter by email for your consideration. Casa Systems, Inc. typically grants 24-hours from the date/time the offer is extended to accept the employment offer.

IMPORTANT: It is NOT advisable to deliver notice of your resignation to a current employer until all of the above steps have been completed to the satisfaction of both interested parties and work authorization has been legally secured through the appropriate governmental agencies of the country where the employee will perform work on behalf of Casa Systems.